About Me - DavidEarlNoe

A native of Huntsville, Alabama, I moved to Winter Park, Florida in September 2009 to take a position as a Librarian at a local College. I was always fascinated by photography. My father had a subscription to National Geographic, and I would pour over the images as a child, noting the colors of the diverse, distant places. I can also recall experiencing the emotional impact of the quality of light when I was young. I knew the difference between the light in the Smokey Mountains and the light on my grandfather’s farm. The way late evening light after a summer thunderstorm hit the trees was so different than it was in the middle of the day. In the mid-nineties, my best friend (who was beginning to lose his eyesight) gave me his Pentax K1000. I was struck with the most profound need to understand how it worked, and that was all it took. I started college late, and I believe that it was the photography classes, at first, that kept me going to school every day. I worked shooting special events and large groups while working on my B.A in American Studies at the University of Alabama and my Master of Library and Information Science, also at the UofA. I moved on to weddings and portraits while looking for work in libraries. I still shoot as often as I can. In 2010, I started getting back into special events photography freelancing for the Public Relations office at the college where I was employed, which whetted my palette for photography again. Since then, I have been trying to find and photograph an old Florida that is rapidly disappearing and looking at developing special events and wedding work. I have always thought it a privilege to be asked to photograph weddings and other special milestones in people’s lives, and I would be honored to photograph yours.

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